do you create wedding albums?

We don't advertise this, but since you asked, yes. For an additional fee, we can create a 20 page wedding album for you. You choose the photos from your photo set and we can put them together. If you would like additional pages, there will be a fee per page. 

What happens when it rains?

Depending on your timeline for the day, we can travel to a location such as a museum for your photos. If time is not on our side, we will simply shoot all bridal party and family photos in your venue. If it is not raining too heavily, we can try to get some pretty images outside in the rain. Some couples will purchase umbrellas and rain boots in case it rains for cute outdoor images. Alternatively, you can choose to book your Bride and Groom photos before your wedding or after.

How many photos do I get?

This depends on how many hours you schedule us for and how many photographers are with us. We often provide more than your average photographer because we have heard many married couples tell us that they wish they had received more photos. 

Do you edit any of the images?

We do the necessary editing required on your photos but we never retouch your images unless you specifically request it. As stated in our contract, retouching (removing blemishes, wrinkles, augmentation) is an additional fee per photo. Sometimes we find images that we want to add our "flair" to, but as stated in our contract, you leave that creativity up to us. Most of our couples like to add their own filters after the fact, so if that's your style we like to provide a clean foundation for you to do as you please.