#yakstrong | a thank you letter

As part of our commitment to give back to the community through our art and our time, it is important to us to be transparent in our actions and share with you when we have been a part of something great that benefits the lives of others. 

#yakstrong was an event put together by friends and family of a gentleman named Mark and his family.

"We are raising funds for the Yakabuski family as they go through this difficult time. Mark was involved in a freak accident on a golf course that resulted in a serious spinal injury. The recovery process is a long one and it will require a significant financial commitment to get the care Mark needs."

To learn more visit: www.yakstrong.com

yak strong

Dear Mailyne,

 Thank you and Dream Love Grow for supporting the #yakstrong event held on June 25th, 2016 at Johnny Leroux Arena in Stittsville. When the committee started the planning for this event, we had no idea the amount of support that would be received from family, friends, and our communities. The show of support is truly a reflection of the impact that both Mark and April Yakabuski have had on so many.

 Your donation of art pieces represents the generosity of the community supporting our friends not only locally, but also nationally and internationally. Your donation is vital in helping provide the future support to relieve any financial burdens Mark and his family may face in his near and future recovery and treatment. 

 Feedback from the event has been phenomenal and it was extremely well attended. From the sold-out 800 tickets, we welcomed 650+ people into the arena to enjoy live bands, sharing stories of their relationships with Mark, and meeting new friends. We are astounded to tell you the event raised over $150,000.00!

 We will continue to raise funds through www.yakstrong.com via yakstrong swag and donations, future events and fundraising. “Like” us on Facebook.com/yakstrong and follow us on Twitter @yakstrong to see what’s new!

On behalf of the entire committee, thank you so very much.

Event Committee