No garbage wasted

On Sunday, July 12, Scary Bear Soundtrack and Mailyne performed live at Winston Square wearing plastic bag dresses. 

From the Artist:

I created the hat using one of my plastic containers that had no lid and glued on plastic leaves and sea shells from a stock of art supplies. The fabric flowers came from Brandi's DIY wedding bouquets. As a final touch, I braided a plastic bag and wrapped it around the bottom. 

The dress was made with ripped plastic tablecloths from our Hallowe'en October 2014 pop-up show we had and scrap fabric all put together.

I had started with the bottom layer of plastic fashioned into a skirt with a sequined belt line and was able to secure it with a clasp I made using twine wrapped around plastic into a circle so that a large button could loop through it and hold around my waistline.

With the help of Brandi, we added the golden layer of scrap fabric I had and attached it to a previously loved ruffled dress. I really wanted a bustle, so she created the bustle for me out of another ripped tablecloth and stuffed some plastic bags into to create bigger poof. On both the hat and the dress there are feathers with skulls attached. These were hair clips that Brandi had made for her bridesmaids to wear that I loved so much so I attached them to the outfit.

This outfit I will keep for as long as I can and reuse it for future Zero Waste performances with Scary Bear Soundtrack until I either no longer have any garbage to make art with or it loses it's life, in which case I will probably store it anyway so it stays out of the landfill.

To see pictures from our performance via Scary Bear Soundtrack click HERE.

Upcoming "Zero Waste" Art Shows:

Saturday, October 10, 2015
The Daily Grind - music video release and art show with Scary Bear Soundtrack, Clio Em
As well as the video release party for 'Fault Lines'