PHOTOS: A winter engagement to celebrate their summer wedding

Nirosha and Dave were referred to me by an old friend and I was asked to be their photographer for their July wedding next year. To get to know the couple and introduce them to the feeling of being in front of the camera, engagement photos are always complimentary. Here are a few from this weekend. 

Bride's Tips:
Tell your photographer how you like to be photographed and share any concerns. 

A photographer who listens and understands will do their best to work with how you feel you are most comfortable being photographed.

What can you use engagement photos for?
The two have decided to add them to their invitations, as well as include them in their photo slideshow during their ceremony. 


THROWBACK: A destination wedding and choosing privacy

Last year in March we were asked to come along to Mexico to photograph a wedding alongside a wedding video specialist. In the slower moments, we'd also help to film. It was such an incredible time. Like most of our couples (due to personal choice or religion) these two really wanted their wedding to be private, so while we did capture their full wedding day, plus a second day where we joined them on a boat to La Isla Mujeres, our photos shared here only show a little of the details. 

We believe capturing the details are important, especially if you choose a destination wedding because often Bride's are so caught up in the excitement and the preparations that having photos to remember the room, the ambiance, the decor, the feel - make it special to look back on and couples can appreciate it from a different perspective. 

Bride's Tip:
If you don't want your private moments shared, let your photographer know.
Often photographers use images to market and showcase their work but will often compromise by only sharing the details and being creative with how they capture the moments. Keep in mind, that these 'other' images may be shared in private with clients, but will never be posted online especially if you've agreed to it in the contract. 

Hyatt Zilara
Cancun, Mexico

Photography: Mailyne B. 

PHOTOS: N1 Thai & Fitness

A few weeks ago we took photos for N1 Muay Thai & Fitness, Ottawa's premier Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA athletic training facility located at 401 Preston St. in Ottawa. This is a gym that offers multiple forms of martial arts - a place you can come for fitness, strengthening and even camaraderie. They have activities for all levels, all types of athletes, men and women alike with an environment that makes it feel like a home away from home. 

VIDEO: Yaa-Hemaa - Sunday Music Video and...

We've had the absolute pleasure of working with Yaa-Hemaa on various projects and our most recent project together was a music video for her song called Sunday. 

"My song “Sunday” was inspired by a trip to Singapore. I was exploring the city with colleagues on a Sunday and upon entering the main shopping district, I was taken aback at the sight of hundreds of women, mostly Philippine domestic workers, who were milling about and chatting in large groups. I learned that this was their day off and it was an opportunity to reconnect with their compatriots. I wondered what their lives were like. I thought about their jobs taking care of other people’s children when many of them must have left behind children of their own. I thought about the sacrifices so many of them must have made. “Sunday” is my attempt to tell their stories, and the stories of so many who forego their own dreams and sacrifice so much for their loved ones."

This song was particularly important to work on because of the message behind it and my ethnic descent. With all of my family back in the Philippines and some of my sisters having personally experienced this, made it very easy for me to say yes to the project. 

Yaa-Hemaa Logo Dream Love Grow

Yaa-Hemaa is also working on recording an EP and has set up a crowd funding campaign to help her finance the studio cost:

Please find the link to donate:

You may not be in a position to contribute financially right now, but there are other ways in which you can help.

You can spread the word by e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag ‪#‎FundYaahemaasMusic‬!

Maggie and Kevin | Mooney's Bay Engagement Shoot

We have a wonderful September wedding coming up with this lovely laid back couple at the Courtyard Restaurant. 

Maggie and Kevin aren't used to being in front of the camera but what we find engagement shoots helpful for is to ease their mind about being in front of the lens. We like choosing locations where you have some time to walk with your clients and get to know them casually. Sometimes the informality of an outdoor space rather than an office or coffee shop meeting can be more relaxing for your couples and helps to get their true selves out for your pictures.