THROWBACK: Offbeat Rainy Day Wedding

The new year is here and we're excited to photograph more beautiful couples and weddings this year. And while the dates are quickly adding up, we wanted to do a little throwback to a past wedding that was unique and may give those planning a wedding, a little relief. 

We love to shoot offbeat weddings. We never really know what to expect and there's a certain laid-back feel to them that we dig. This one in particular was a backyard wedding out in Limoges and didn't have a typical schedule set out. The bridal party photos were done first and almost an hour away from their wedding venue, the bride got "getting ready photos" after the bridal shoot, much of it was DIY, the dress was previously loved and our favourite part: they weren't officially getting married! All of it was done out of a love for a family member that had limited time to be with them. 

When you're thinking of putting together your wedding day, know one thing as a couple: there are no rules. Do it however you want to do it no matter what "they" say you're "supposed to do." 

If you're a new photographer: always be prepared for rain.