*CLOSED* FREE! PHOTO SESSION | A self-Love Project

Hey ladies, two-spirited or self-identified women, we're looking for you! Can't remember the last time you treated yourself? Do you ever hear yourself talking down to yourself? Have you had a crappy year and just plain ol' feel like a saggy, baggy, frumpy, grumpy soul? 

We want to change that.

Or do you know anyone that could use a special day?

Apply on behalf of them. We just want to spread the love. 

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THROWBACK PHOTOGRAPHY: Canada Day with the Stanley Cup

This year I won't be in Ottawa again for Canada Day. Nature is calling me out of the city for a few days so in honour of Canada's birthday, I wanted to leave you with these long overdue photos from last year's party with the Stanley Cup on Canada Day.

My bestie gathered a group of her closest friends and asked us to join her in celebration of her hubby and the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup. Of course I said yes! We all found our way to meet everyone and soon after, left Bowmanville on a party bus to Toronto. Our first bus broke down so we had to get a new one. Then the Bickell's went to visit Toronto Sick Kids Children's Hospital while the rest of us went to find lunch. After that, it was Cabana Pool Bar, a private sunset cruise and a night club and then back to Bowmanville. It was so much fun! 

Thank you again Amanda! P.S. If you want to support her and Bryan as they advocates on behalf of pitbulls, visit: Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation

**Note, if you're using these images. please credit Mailyne Briggs/Dream Love Grow**

VIDEO: Say It With Love and Photography | ILID Youth Workshop

On October 30, I was asked to be a break out group speaker and host a free workshop for youth for the Family Services, In Love and In Danger Conference. I had 40 min. with two groups of 25 youth, where I shared a bit about myself with youth, showed them the 'Fault Lines' Music Video that was about ending violence against women and then had them each take turns photographing each other.

I really hope to do this again next year since it was the first time developing a workshop for In Love and In Danger and I was able to learn a lot from the experience and the youth's feedback so that I could make it better for next year. 

After the workshop, I asked Gloria of Scary Bear Soundtrack  if she had any music that would be appropriate for the theme and she came back to me with "On the Land," which is a song that she wrote and created with Avid Napper for World Suicide Prevention Day. It's all about being there for your friends when they are going through a hard time. 

Since November is Woman Abuse Awareness Month in Ontario, we thought it couldn't have come at the most perfect time. Here is a place to find great resources to help if you know anyone or if you are in a abusive situation. Click HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video. It's amazing and beautiful what youth can come up with. 


SAY IT WITH LOVE AND PHOTOGRAPHY was a workshop hosted by Mailyne Briggs (Dream Love Grow / A.R.T. In Action) for In Love and In Danger. A conference through Family Services Ottawa about youth dating violence and domestic violence prevention in Ottawa. Because it was through the school board, youth were not allowed to show their faces, so youth held their signs up in any way they chose.

Youth will be asked to photograph each other with written messages on how to stop dating violence before it happens, what can be done if it happens, and give positive reminders on self-worth and self-respect. Youth will be provided with a camera and each youth will have the opportunity to be both the photographer and the subject. All images will then be compiled into a video. This workshop is meant to empower youth to be a part of the change and help each other recognize that they are all responsible for the wellbeing of each other