Biodegradable 100% Natural Dryer Balls

felted wool dryer balls zero waste ottawa
felted wool dryer balls zero waste ottawa

Biodegradable 100% Natural Dryer Balls

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A sustainable local product from our supplier crunchy bella. Made using Canadian, organic wool.  100% Natural, chemical free laundry alternative for the dryer.

  • Sustainable, low waste solution
  • Decrease drying time by 30-50% saving energy and money
  • Decreases wrinkles
  • Reduces static
  • Safe for people with sensitive skin
  • Works well with cloth diapers
  • Lasts between 2-5 years depending on how heavy your use

Best for natural fibers, like cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo (not acrylic or polyester blends). Depending on your load size, use 3-6 dryer balls at once to ensure balance, consistency and efficiency. They will pill - it means they're working. To scent clothes, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

Store in a well-ventilated area, not in plastic.


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How do they work?

As the felted wool balls tumble in the dryer, humidity is drawn out of the wet fabrics by pulling and absorbing moisture into the center of the dryer balls. This decreases drying time substantially.

Do they work in all types of dryers?

Yes, but the size of the laundry load, model and make of the machine will determine the degree of efficiency. A newer machine will have better performance overall, but it will still reduce drying time by 30-50%

How many do I need to see my drying time decreased?

For lighter loads: 3-4
For medium size: 4-6
For heavy loads (jeans, towels): 6-8

How do I avoid static?

Because every dryer is different, in the beginning you will have to experiment with your machine to find the right combination of balls & drying time needed to avoid static. If you have static, you are over-drying and wasting hydro energy.

Will wool fibers get in/on my laundry?

No, you will not notice any wool fibers on your laundry.

Are the balls noisy?

No. Because they are soft-felted fibers, you will not hear the load knocking that other synthetic dryer balls or rubber balls create. Nor will you have any burning rubber smells left with after using them.