A Dream Lived Greener started off as a blog project by Mailyne, to document her one year of living zero waste. It soon became a way of life that inspired friend and soapmaker, Jodi, to join in. The two decided to turn ADLG into an e-store offering local and sustainable products that are plastic and package-free as an effort to help others reduce their waste in Ottawa.

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COMING SOON! Online workshops made in house, like Vermiculture & Living Zero Waste coming soon! Downloadable information, videos and tutorials that you can access anytime. Only $9.99 per course!


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We reuse materials that you can recycle (it may not always be beautiful but it's less wasteful) and paper tape. We are aware of what it takes to ship an item which is why we also have a strict shipping and return policy.


 We thank those who feature us. Please find some helpful resources here and links to media below:

Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa Family Living Magazine
La Vie Nomade


Look, we want to keep it real with you. After two years of living and studying the zero waste lifestyle, we have learned some hard truths about it. We know it's different for everyone and for a lot of people, this lifestyle isn't realistic.

That being said, we want to support local businesses as much as possible. We want to be responsible for our choices and be part of an economy that cares about who our suppliers are.  While we aren't going to be the zero waste of Amazon, we have no overhead costs. That means although we're investing a lot of our time, we can offer you low rates and do our best to reduce waste on this beautiful home we call Earth.

Mailyne & Jodi