Dream Love Grow

Multimedia + Creative Professional Services

We are an arts-based social enterprise, founded by artist Mai in 2007. It is our philosophy to give back to charities, non-profits or individuals in need using our art and services. We also use a portion of sales to help fund A.R.T (A Real Thought in Action).

About Us

We are Dream Love Grow | Multimedia & Creative Professional Services. An arts-based social enterprise offering:

♥ Photography
♥ Video Production
♥ Custom Art & Art Work
♥ Custom Clothing & Alterations
♥ Hair & Make-Up
♥ Events
♥ Costume Appearances & Talent
♥ Face-painting & Live Art
♥ Art Workshops
♥ Donations & Fundraising
♥ And more...

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Over the past year we have been in the process of building Weddings Beyond Words (a division of Dream Love Grow) and while we are still working on the site, we wanted to share with you a sneak preview from a wedding in July. 

This couple was so lovely and are high school sweethearts. Without even saying it, their love for each other is evident. 

Location: The Schoolhouse

Music: Cat Powers - Sea of Love

What holds us together is Love. Our new wedding division: Weddings Beyond Words

Lillian. I saw this older woman sitting there enjoying the sun and loved it so much I captured her. OG and I walked by her, we waved and I commented on what a nice seat she had. She is an artist. She explained to me that long ago she had won a grant from the OAC and she and students from Grant Alternative came and carved oak leaves into this rock she was sitting on to match the oak tree it sat under. On the side of the rock “FALL” was carved into it. There are three others like it all for the different seasons, although she thinks SUMMER has deteriorated and told me the other two were around somewhere. OG went looking, but couldn’t find them. #connectwithothers #fall #ottawa #storiesfromthepast #dreamlovegrow #photography


What is A.R.T in Action?

A.R.T (A Real Thought) in Action - our presentation for @soupottawa #6

Thanks again to Soup Ottawa and everyone who supported us! We are excited to announce we’ve applied for another grant and are launching a kickstarter soon! 

Our 12 week art and multimedia program or low income youth! We are now accepting participants for 2015 so if you know any youth ages 14-19 that would be interested in this program, please e-mail: artinactionottawa@gmail.com

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